Dr. Selina Siganga (MBA, Ph.D.)

Dr Selina Siganga is a Founder and Senior Managing Director of Faithfulness Business Consulting,

She has extensive experience in strategy workshop facilitation as well as strategy formulation and implementation. She is a strategist, leadership expert, coach and Mentor in business leadership.

Dr Selina holds a Certificate in Business Management  as well as Advanced Management Programme from the Wits Business School, Post graduate diploma in banking law, Risk and Corporate Governance from the University of Johannesburg.

Dr Selina holds a Master in Business Administration from the Regent Business School

and is a member of Directors Institute of South Africa, a speaker and writer in leadership.

Furthermore, She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Management from the Logos University, Jacksonville Florida, USA.

Research & Consulting Service

  Our expertise include among others research designed to mitigate threats to trust between corporate, public owned enterprises, government and community members in which these organizations or structures operate. We have also in the past conducted feasibility studies for various national departments and developed business cases, conducted infrastructure and service delivery model audits, developed  service delivery improvement Solutions, developed and project managed the implementation of water and electricity Resource Management strategies and solutions as well as project and programme managed various other studies.

Project management

Faithfulness business enterprise offers a complete service from feasibility study to design, management and supervision to the completion of a project, at the same time we adopt a flexible approach to project development that is tailored to suit the client's requirements and resources.

Within this umbrella approach we are able to offer a range of technical /  management skills resources as listed below:

  1. Project management.
  2. Structural engineering.
  3. Electrical engineering.
  4. Structural architect.
  5. Sanitation and related Environmental Solutions.

We further assist in making sure the structural design of a building is safe and that the correct materials are used for the construction project. It is not only new developments that we work on, we also assist in improving old buildings, houses and others structures to accommodate more clients on new equipment or just making improvement or repairs to these structures. We supply building, plumbing, painting, electrical, welding and carpentry materials from small medium and large quantities. We undertake to acquaint the appropriate officials and employees with all the relevant provisions of the ACT and the regulations imposed in terms of section 37(2) of the Occupational Safety Act.

We supply and maintain all tools and equipment.

Change management

Faithfulness business enterprise offers different approaches that are tailored to suit the client's needs based on the current situation and desired change that the organisation is embarking on. Our approach vary from Consulting Services to facilitate and implement change management that result from merger and acquisitions in organisations, merger of departments, restructuring process, new management etc.  importing elements for successful change management include but not limited to the following;

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Cultural Diversity
  3. Good Alignment (goal) and performance management
  4. Report Structures
  5. Alignment of Systems
  6. Facilities

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Faithfulness focus on strategy and combine insight,  business and Industry knowledge and Innovation which enables our teams to provide a client with constantly exceptional service. through Global best practices Faithfulness is excellently positioned to create powerful Business Solutions which ultimately facilitates progress towards high performance.

Strategy formulation

  1. Strategy implementation
  2. Operating models
  3. Organisational re-structuring
  4. Asset Management, good practices and innovation

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